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The Hunt for Moby-Dick


Those who partake in the fiery hunt should take note:

Philip Hoare is a formidible opponent, and when it comes to Moby-Dick, chances are he’s already been there.

Not only has Philip written a bestselling non-fiction book – an account of his obsession with whales, historical whaling and all things Herman Melville – but he has also been commissioned by the BBC to make a documentary about his monomania and the writing of his opus.

Called The Hunt for Moby-Dick, the doco follows Philip as he journeys around Nantucket, New Bedford, and other nautical dens of salty sea dogs, and even swims with a live sperm-whale off the coast of the Azores.

All I can say is, me next, me next!  I’ll catch the first flight to the  Azores!

And check out Philip yarning on in this BBC podcast.  It’s about Moby-Dick and the way in which society’s attitudes to whales have changed since the book was published in 1851.

As the old whaler says, It wasn’t so much the romance – it was the cash!

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Heath’s Anti-Whaling Video

Whales roaming the high seas, hunting humans.

Absolute genius.  And it was directed by our very own, the late Heath Ledger.

Apparently he was incredibly passionate about animal rights, and an advocate for Sea Shepherd, who have worked tirelessly to stop the Japanese whaling in Australia’s Antarctic waters.

All the video  needs now is for a giant white human (doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, I know) to come and shear off the Captain’s leg (or flukes); for him to get a replacement peg-leg made out of human teeth; for them to spend the next few years chasing said white human around the globe; and for the whole cacophony to end in a vortex of swirling, frothy doom and a slowly wheeling albatross.

It could be called, Dick Moby, or, the Human.


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Captain Ahab Decides to Move On

An amazing about turn by Captain Ahab –

He has, according to world media sources, decided to give up the White Whale and forgive the shearing-off of his leg.

Listen to his change of heart here.

Ahab showing prominently his whalebone pegleg.

Ahab showing prominently his whalebone pegleg.


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Animal Rights Law

Factory Farming

A topic close to my heart since I wrote my Law Thesis on International Law & Whaling.

I just listened to an amazing guy – Bruce Wagman – who works full time as an Animal Lawyer in a top tier San Francisco law firm. Can you imagine there being a full-time animal lawyer in an Australian firm? I don’t think so.

He’s been brought out here to raise awareness about Animal Law as an emerging field and to highlight the horrors of factory farming and the lunacy of animals (living creatures) having no legal status. They are legally INVISIBLE.

Check it out:


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