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Danny Katz Speaks!


The inestimable Danny Katz has spoken! Or…written, more accurately, in today’s Age.

Danny, the author of our hilarious Motherfathers writes revealingly of his cheekiness in transforming the lives of his closest pals (goly! gosh! shock! horror!) into THEATRE!

Says Mr Katz:

It’s about a bunch of middle-aged parents at a dinner party in Caulfield, the kind of play David Williamson would’ve written if he lived round these parts and if he had the theatrical talent of a papillomavirus.  I withered in my seat as a cast of talented young actors proceeded to act out the roles of SIX OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS, SAYING SOME VERY CONFIDENTIAL THINGS THEY’VE SAID IN FRONT OF ME, VERBATIM.

Ha! I wonder if any of them have seen the play?  Are they now rushing to get hold of tickets?

If you happen to be one of the people that Danny has fictionalised and you’d like to set the record straight (do you really shop at Bakers Delight?) then feel free to drop us an email.

I’ll post any corrections up on this blog.  I promise 🙂

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Melburnalia No.2

Melburnalia #2 Cast

The talented ensemble who will perform 25 roles over the 5 plays: (from left) Margot Fenley, Grant Foulkes, Shane Lee, Brian Andy, Shireen Morris and Fanny Hanusin.

Melburnalia No. 2, the much anticipated companion piece to Melburnalia (2007), opens for a three-week season on 22 May at fortyfivedownstairs. The show, directed by David Mence (Macbeth Re-Arisen, Melburnalia, AD on MTC’s Blackbird and BSC’s Othello), is comprised of five 20-minute pieces specially commissioned and dramaturged by the company with the interlinking theme of ‘tramways’. The result is a fascinating journey that will take audiences through the decades, over the fences, under the awnings and into the collective psyche of our city. 

Come on board (remember to validate!) for a rattling, screeching, ding-ding-dinging ride through history to the mythical suburb of ‘Birrarung’ (river of mists) at the heart of the town, where ancient warriors and lost icons dance in the dusty ballroom of Flinders Street Station. Stay on through Maribyrnong, where exiles wait anxiously on both sides of high walls. Zip through Caulfield, where the pressures of parenthood create  New Year’s Eve strife for some childish Gen Xers. Charge up to Preston where muddy piggeries abounded before the smug gentry moved in, then disembark at Mentone, home to a superb symphony of suburban sounds.  

Written by: columnist Danny Katz (beloved writer for The Age, author of Spit the Dummy, Dork Geek Jew); playwright Kit Lazaroo (Wal Cherry Award winner for Asylum, Letters from Animals); Koori writer/director Andrea James (Yanagai Yanagai); author Hoa Pham (Vixen, 49 Ghosts, Silence) and writer/director Aidan Fennessey (Chilling and Killing My Annabel Lee, Big Noise). 

Produced by Kelly Farrow, dramaturged by Melanie Beddie. 

Showing at:
45 Flinders Lane              

Bookings: 9662 9966 or www.fortyfivedownstairs.com 
$26 (full) $20 (concession) $15 (preview 20-21 May) 

8pm: 20-23, 27-30 May, 3-6 June
5.30pm: 24, 31 May, 7 June    

For further information, contact kelly [@ no spam ] whitewhaletheatre [ . no spam ] com or drop us a comment or a Tweet (we’re catching up with the times).

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