New Writing, New Reading


Over the last six months a bunch of us have been developing new work as part of a development project kick-started by MTC’s Associate Director Aidan Fennessy.

We’re now at the stage where we are going to be showing our work in a series of public readings at the Lawler Studio.

The pieces are eclectic, original, and unlike anything you will have seen on Melbourne stages this year.  They range from evocative to Pinteresque, magical realist to politically incisive, comedic and absurd to darkly horrific.  There should be, without doubt, something in there for the whole family.

The three readings (all @ 7pm) are:

  • Wed 11 November is Elise Hearst & Sam Strong’s The Sea Project
  • Thu 12 November is Amelia Roper & Naomi Edwards’ Hong Kong Dinosaur
  • Fri 13 November is Declan Greene & myself with Pretty Baby.

Come along, have a glass of wine with us, and tell us what you think of the work.  We’d really love to hear it.


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2 responses to “New Writing, New Reading

  1. Dear Aidan,

    My name is Paul Kooperman and I am the Acting Director of the Australian Poetry Centre. I am also a playwright recently commissioned to write a show for the Queensland Music Festival and have worked many years in theatre, mostly as writer/dramaturg, so I care passionately about the industry and in particular the writing of theatre. I would like to set up monthly script readings of new play scripts by emerging Melbourne (and Australian) playwrights and run them monthly at the Wheeler Centre. I would like to do this in conjunction with the other resident organisations at the Wheeler Centre, such as the Emerging Writers Festival, VWC and even Express Media.

    I thought if we are going to do this, rather than doing them on our own with no outcome in mind, perhaps we could link it to an organisation or structure that seeks to produce new work. As the Wheeler Centre is about the written word, if we were to link with you and the Lawler studio, we could help the process of developing new work by focussing more on the script as a piece of writing, before it gets to a performance/production stage. We could have readings, set up writers with mentors, run workshops and develop the script before it gets to you (but include you in this process). It might mean that you help us select the scripts being read, be one of the mentors on a script, come to the readings or you might prefer to play some other role. I think it would be wonderful to involve you and the Lawler Studio in the initiation of this project.

    What do you think? is it worth a discussion?

    • Hi Paul,

      My name is David Mence and I run this blog as an outlet for my company White Whale Theatre. I believe you are looking for Aidan Fennessy – who has worked with us – and is the Associate Director at MTC. You can reach him on a.fennessy[at]

      Your reading program sounds great by the way. If you are looking for other directors to be involved then I’d certainly be interested.



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