Apocalypse Bear Returns

Gareth Yuen as the Apocalypse Bear

Gareth Yuen as the Apocalypse Bear

Some of you may remember the Apocalypse Bear from our first season of Melburnalia.

Penned by the inimitable Lally Katz, The Fag from Zagreb (set in leafy Kew) was an eldritch subversion of domestic bliss in which a schoolboy comes home to find an ominously caring bear in place of his mother and sister.  Darkly hilarious, it was an immediate favourite with audiences – and a rewarding piece to work on in the rehearsal room.

I was stoked to discover that The Fag from Zagreb, along with Lally’s two accompanying pieces, will be performed as an Apocalypse Bear Triptych as part of the MTC’s Studio Season.  I can’t wait to see what Luke Mullins & co do with it: get in fast because I reckon the tickets for this will sell-out early.

Opens next Thursday and runs until 24 October.

Plus, if you are still hankering for more bearish adventures, you can hop over to youtube and watch a couple of great Apocalypse Bear shorts directed with Lynchian overtones by the very talented Nick Verso.

There’s a Bear in there!  Long live the Bear!

Jono Wood as Jeremy with a concerned Apocalypse Bear.

Jono Wood as Jeremy with a concerned Apocalypse Bear.


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2 responses to “Apocalypse Bear Returns

  1. Trixie Kilburn

    Hi Gareth Yuen I have a huge hot crush on you.
    Your so ever cute Gareth Yuen.
    I like you Gareth Yuen.
    and you have a beautiful face Gareth Yuen.
    Oh Gareth Yuen!
    I was born in Nepal.
    And I am Asian.
    And I think your a cute man from me.
    Sincerely,Trixie Kilburn

  2. Christa Kilburn

    Hi Gareth yuen, you are so so cute.
    I think your adorable.
    I adore your cuteness.
    I love you Gareth yuen.
    Bye bye see ya.

    Christa kilburn

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