Heath’s Anti-Whaling Video

Whales roaming the high seas, hunting humans.

Absolute genius.  And it was directed by our very own, the late Heath Ledger.

Apparently he was incredibly passionate about animal rights, and an advocate for Sea Shepherd, who have worked tirelessly to stop the Japanese whaling in Australia’s Antarctic waters.

All the video  needs now is for a giant white human (doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, I know) to come and shear off the Captain’s leg (or flukes); for him to get a replacement peg-leg made out of human teeth; for them to spend the next few years chasing said white human around the globe; and for the whole cacophony to end in a vortex of swirling, frothy doom and a slowly wheeling albatross.

It could be called, Dick Moby, or, the Human.


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8 responses to “Heath’s Anti-Whaling Video

  1. betocattabriga

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  2. [looks like an awesome, video, but for some reason the sound isn’t working, is it just me?]

  3. Rex

    We already have Malaria hunting humans and killing them by the millions. Would have been cool to have diosaurs walk around cities today and see the animal rights people defend them.

    It’s so romantic.
    Let’s make sure we never gain that perspective.

  4. Nice video for a great cause. Did you make the video? http://fiestamovement.com/agents/view/58

  5. I hate preachy hippies, but this is a cool vid.

  6. I didn’t make the video, Heath Ledger did!

    And the reason the sound has been turned off is because Sony has shut down the audio file on Youtube because it’s under copyright.

    Oh well…no more Primusesque soundtrack.

    But the visuals are still stunning: nothing beats watching whales harpoon humans to my way of thinking.

  7. imagestoliveby

    Sadly it seems the whole video has now gone – when I click the link nothing happens except a message saying ‘This video is not available in your country because of copyright restrictions’. Too bad!

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