Other Conspiracies


She might have found the Tristero anywhere…through any of a hundred lightly-concealed entranceways, a hundred alienations, if only she’d looked.

Just while I’m on this train of thought, here’s some other conspiracy theories:

  • that Alan Greenspan was planted in the Fed to destroy the world economy.
  • that 9/11 was a deliberate ploy by the Pentagon, whose rocket destroyed the Twin Towers.
  • that JFK was killed by _____ (insert your favourite dictator).
  • that the moon landing of 69 was filmed in a Hollywood studio and never happened.

The list could go forever.  Feel free to add your favourite crackpot theory.


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2 responses to “Other Conspiracies

  1. penguinseesaw

    Addendum to Moon Landing Was Faked theory: that Michael Jackson was going to be the first man on the moon, but his moonwalk was judged to be “too unrealistic.”

    • Ha ha!

      That’s genius. “Moonwalk” was so slippery and silky. NASA must have decided that a big bouncy-bouncy Niel Armstrong groove was better.

      Would it not make a great Youtube viral video to mix “Man on the Moon” with the NASA footage. Hmmm…I bet someone’s already done it though.

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