Skynet Already Here

I spotted a well-hidden but not well-hidden-enough article in this week’s Economist.

In the  “Science & Technology Quarterly” is an article on the rapid advancements being made in robotics, particularly on the breakthrough that has been made in the corporate creation of a fully functioning mechanical hand.


As I gleaned from the article, the aptly named Shadow Robot Company (no, I am not kidding) has been beavering away on this front for some time.  Where did they get the idea from?  Where did they get the technology from?  You may well ask…


Spot the difference anyone?

Shadow Robot's Hand

Shadow Robot's Hand

Skynet's Terminator Hand

Skynet's Terminator Hand

And I quote:

The company has decided against making it even stronger, says Rich Walker, Shadow Robot’s technical director, because that might be dangerous. Many industrial robots have to be contained behind strong fences because they can injure people who get in their way. The next stage of development, says Mr Walker, will be to add some level of intelligence. [Bolding mine]

Excuse me while I purchase my nuclear fallout shelter and RUN FOR THE HILLS!

(Oh, and for you boffins at the Economist, perhaps you ought to consider renaming your “Science & Technology Quarterly” something more appropriate, like “Man’s Imminent Downfall Quarterly.”)

(And don’t think we are fooled just because it is gently holding an egg!)


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2 responses to “Skynet Already Here

  1. Jo

    It has fingernails!! Creepy.

    • It sure is creepy Jo – it’s holding an egg!

      Why would a machine want to hold an egg, unless to show how GENTLE it can be, which is another way of saying “I COULD CRUSH THIS TO SMITHEREENS…BUT I WONT.”

      For how long: that’s the question. How long do we have?

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