Danny Katz Speaks!


The inestimable Danny Katz has spoken! Or…written, more accurately, in today’s Age.

Danny, the author of our hilarious Motherfathers writes revealingly of his cheekiness in transforming the lives of his closest pals (goly! gosh! shock! horror!) into THEATRE!

Says Mr Katz:

It’s about a bunch of middle-aged parents at a dinner party in Caulfield, the kind of play David Williamson would’ve written if he lived round these parts and if he had the theatrical talent of a papillomavirus.  I withered in my seat as a cast of talented young actors proceeded to act out the roles of SIX OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS, SAYING SOME VERY CONFIDENTIAL THINGS THEY’VE SAID IN FRONT OF ME, VERBATIM.

Ha! I wonder if any of them have seen the play?  Are they now rushing to get hold of tickets?

If you happen to be one of the people that Danny has fictionalised and you’d like to set the record straight (do you really shop at Bakers Delight?) then feel free to drop us an email.

I’ll post any corrections up on this blog.  I promise 🙂

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